Neutral emblem   1st Witness Kana.DKD 300202
300202L English Name: 1st Witness Kana.DKD
Type: Follower Card
Faction: Neutral
Size: 5
Attack: 6
Defense: 3
Stamina: 13
Points: 50
Deck Limit: 1
Episode: 4
Rarity: Double Rare
Effect: Before this card attacks, if it has a DEF of at least 1, it gets DEF -1. If this happens, and if the first card in your Deck belongs to your Character's faction, that card is sent to your first empty Slot.
At the start of the turn, this card gets DEF =2.

Flavor Text: [No key exists that would let you enter Kana; it vanished long ago. However, if you want to go so badly, are you willing to pay with your life? Professor Creuset is performing some experiments, but something has gone wrong.]

This card is only obtainable from Episode 4 boosters.

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