Enemy Character Deck Type Floors
Mirror Iri Darklore 1-9
Mirror Luthica Crux 1-9
Mirror Sita Vita 1-9
Mirror Cinia Academy 1-9
Winged Seeker Mixed Large 10
Trickster X Darklore 11-19
Wind Sneaker X Academy 12,16,17
Myo Observer X 13-18
Enchantress X 11-16
Wind Forestier X 13-18
Wind Shear X 15-19
Wind Breaker X 15-17
Star Bird Gart Vita 20


Most enemies give 1 White Ore and 2 ore of another type. (Green, Blue, Red, Black)

Wind Sneaker X, Wind Breaker X, Wind Forestier X, and Winged Seeker give 1 White Ore and 2 ore of another type.

Star Bird Gart gives 10 White Ore, 3 Book, 3 Cat Doll, 3 Stockings, 3 Shoes.

Beating the dungeon 10 times gives Gart.

After 10 victories, Star Bird Gart gives 15 White Ore 6 Book, 6 Cat Doll, 6 Sword, 6 Ribbon

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