Academy emblem   Artificial Vampire 120009
120009L English Name: Artificial Vampire
Type: Character Card
Faction: Academy
Life: 50
Points: 1
Deck Limit: 0
Episode: 4
Effect: At the beginning of the turn, the first card in your Grave is moved to the bottom of your deck. If the enemy character has 10 or less Life, the enemy character loses -10 Life.
Flavor Text: [Okay~ Let's start the game. I'm it. What? That's boring... Give me some excitement! Cry more! Bark! And... Die.]

Boss of Linia's Mansion.

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Deck InfoEdit


  • 14 total
Name Faction Amount
2S Agent Nine Academy 2
2S Agent Fourteen Academy 1
Agent Maid Academy 2
Arbiter Rivelta Answer Academy 1
Cultist Maid Academy 3
Fated Rival Seven Academy 1
Senpai Maid Academy 1
Tea Time Lady Academy 2
1st Witness Kana.DKD Neutral 1


  • 16 total
Name Faction Amount
Adjustment Academy 2
Black Magic Plot Academy 3
Curse Academy 2
Dark Secret Academy 1
Doubt Academy 1
Mass Recall Academy 1
Crux Command Crux 1
Sense of Belonging Crux 2
Sacrifice Darklore 1
Vernika's World Darklore 1
Sage's Sermon Vita 1

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