Sword Girls focuses not only on creative deck building, but also learning how to utilize your deck to its fullest potential. Remember that every turn is about preparing for multiple possibilities. Knowing when to take risks and predicting when to counter is crucial. Play your cards right!



“Ruptured Boundary” can break those pre-conceived power limitations you once had about your SIZE 1 Followers. It is a very efficient Spell to increase your Follower’s ATK and STA only if used correctly. Notice the SIZE 1 Follower, “Cook Club Student” in Slot 3 and the SIZE 5 Follower, “Crescent Kris Flina” in Slot 3 of your enemy’s Field. The difference between their SIZE is 4. Ruptured Boundary in this situation will give “Cook Club Student” +4 ATK/STA, for a SIZE 1 spell, it is very effective when used in this situation.


After two “Ruptured Boundaries” take effect, “Cook Club Student” is now at a deadly 11/0/15. Remember to pay attention to your enemy’s Slot 3 and make sure to use “Ruptured Boundary” to its full effect!


“Mop Maid” can help you create an efficient clean-up crew, as in wiping out your enemy’s field. Notice “Mop Maid” in Slot 2; every time she is attacked, “Mop Maid” and both adjacent Followers, “Tailor Maid” in Slot 1 and “New Maid” in Slot 3 will receive +1 ATK. Make sure to play “Mop Maid” in a Slot where she will complement your other Followers every time.


After a few exchanges, all of your Followers’ ATK will be hard to defend against. Use “Mop Maid” effectively and sweep your opponent into the trash.


Frett is no selfish Knight; she plants flags, carries heavy luggage, and even buffs other Followers! “Crux Knight Pintail” in Slot 3 will gain +1 ATK/STA every time “Flag Knight Frett” attacks. Make sure Slot 3 is filled to make the best use of “Flag Knight Frett”.


Even if “Flag Knight Frett” falls in combat, you are still left with a powerful Slot 3 Follower. “Crux Knight Pintail” in this case will continue to increase her own ATK/DEF when attacked by enemy Followers of smaller SIZE, becoming a serious threat to your opponent.


Darklore Edit

Not only do blood packets taste bad, but they can also do some bad things to your opponents. “Vampiric Rites” will drain the SIZE, ATK, and STA from all allied Followers on the Field and give them to the Darklore Follower with the lowest SIZE.. “Vampiric Rites” does not drain past 1, including SIZE, so when draining from a SIZE 1 Follower, only ATK/STA will be taken.


Your now-monstrous Darklore Follower will definitely be giving your opponent a tough time! When playing “Vampiric Rites”, make sure your lowest SIZE Follower has high DEF and try to play other Followers with high ATK/STA for the best results!


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