Neutral emblem   Blade Tutor Grace
Blade Tutor Grace English Name: Blade Tutor Grace
Type: Follower Card
Faction: Neutral
Size: 3
Attack: 5
Defense: 1
Stamina: 6
Points: 7
Deck Limit: 1
Season: 1
Episode: 0
Rarity: Event
Level: 1
Effect: Before this card is attacked, it gets ATK +2/STA +2, and then this skill is removed for the rest of the turn.

Flavor Text: [Never put your sword down! This is the basic rule of sword fighting!]

This card was given to all players in the second closed beta. Players who achieved at least 100 wins in the second closed beta were allowed to keep it for the open beta.

This card is exclusive to the English version of Sword Girls and is not present in the original Korean version.

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