At the cafe you can give gifts to your character cards.

Gifts that raise or lower specific stats can be purchased with tokens in the cafe, or cards can be given from your collection. Characters and crafting materials can not be gifted. Event cards can be gifted but do not have any effect.( include beginer (size 1) card)

Spell cards with an even ID number will raise WIS and lower SENS.

Spell cards with an odd ID number will raise GLAM and lower PERS.

Follower cards with an odd ID number will raise PERS and lower GLAM.

Follower cards with an even ID number will raise SEN and lower WIS.

The amount that each stat changes by is determined by Like. The higher the Like the more each card will affect the other stats.

Like gains appear to be random and not affected by the type or faction of the card. Bonuses may be positive or negative, but over time should give an increase in Like.

A character's Like gain per card increases as their Like increases, but their Like losses are constant (1?).

As the character's Like increases, their speech pattern changes as well.

When a character has 100 Like, they will transform into an alternate version, depending on what stat is highest. Refer to the individual character pages for more information about the transformations.

A Chart to show what characters transform into what.

Base Card WIS SENS PERS GLAM All > 200
Sita Vilosa Dress Sita Kendo Sita Swimwear Sita Lightseeker Sita Wedding Dress Sita
Cinia Pacifica Dress Cinia Chess Cinia Swimwear Cinia Foreign Student Cinia Wedding Dress Cinia
Luthica Preventer Dress Luthica Sports Luthica Swimwear Luthica Blue Reaper Luthica Wedding Dress Luthica
Iri Flina Dress Iri Cheerleader Iri Swimwear Iri Lovestruck Iri Wedding Dress Iri
Curious Vernika Dress Vernika Team Manager Vernika Swimwear Vernika Night Denizen Vernika Wedding Dress Vernika
Rose Witch Rosa Rosa Pacifica Outcast Rosa Picnic Rosa Blood Witch Rosa Wedding Dress Rosa

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