Darklore emblem   Crescent Elder Chenin 300232
Crescent Elder Chenin English Name: Crescent Elder Chenin
Type: Follower Card
Faction: Darklore
Size: 3
Attack: 3
Defense: 1
Stamina: 11
Points: 7
Deck Limit: 3
Episode: 5
Rarity: Uncommon
Effect: At the start of the turn, if you have a Darklore Character, the first card in your Hand with "Crescent" in the name and the first Darklore card without "Crescent" in the name are sent to the bottom of your Deck. If this happens, a random enemy Follower is sent to the bottom of the enemy Deck, and then this skill is removed.
Flavor Text: 
[Disaster finally came down on our leader, but somehow, I just can't bring myself to care. Moving on, what do you other Elders think about the invasion situation? If Crux wants to bring ruin to our home, we could use this opportunity to have those filthy mixed-bloods shield us, couldn't we?]

Used in:

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