Enemy Character Deck Type Ore Reward Floors
Drill Sgt. Pippin Vita 1 non-White 1-5
Drill Sgt. Rena Academy 1 Red or Green 1-5
New Medic Lina Darklore 1 non-White 6-10
Clerk Cecilia Academy 1 non-white 6-10
Strategist Elly Crux 1 non-white 11-14
Kenjutsu Karen Darklore 2 non-white 11-14
Sr. Knight Marian Hybrid 2 non-white 15
Drillmaster Pippin Vita 2 non-white 16-20
Drillmaster Rena Academy 2 non-white 16-20
Medic Lina Darklore 2 non-white 21-24
Head Clerk Cecilia Academy 21-24
Swordmaster Karen Darklore 25-28
Warmaster Elly Crux 25-28
General Marian Hybrid 29
Pegasus Sigma Crux 30


Each floor rewards you with one set of Holy Beast Tears.

Beating the dungeon 10 times gives Sigma.

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