Enemy Deck Type Floor
Winged Seeker Mixed 1
Nytitch Darklore 2
Strategist Elly Crux 3
Mop Maid Mixed 4
Head Cleaning Maid Academy 5
Scardel Pinot Noir Darklore 6
Embracing Shaman Crux 7
Night Teacher Vita 8
Kana.DTD Mixed 9
Rio Mixed 10

Floor 1-9: Each floor gives you 2 ores (Green,Blue,Black, or Red) and 1 Spiral Fragment.

Head Cleaning Maid: at the start of each turn the first two cards in your hand are summoned

to the first two empty slots on your's or the opponent's side of the field. 50/50 chance.

Kana.DTD at the start of each turn send all the enemy's cards on the field to the bottom of the deck.


Rio gives 3 Spiral Fragment, 1 Book, and 1 Cat Doll.

Beating the dungeon 10 times gives Office Chief Esprit.

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