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The Exam Hall is a special dungeon where you use one of several prebuilt decks instead of your own cards. Before you start, you must choose one of the four starting characters. On the first three floors, you will use the starter deck of that faction. On the rest of the floors, you will be given a much stronger deck from that faction.

Enemy Character Deck Type Floors
Proctor Margaret Darklore 1
Proctor Coy Vita 2
Proctor Iris Academy 3
Proctor R. Margaret Darklore 4
Proctor G. Iris Academy 5
Proctor P. Coy Vita 6
Henlifei Crux 7
Leilang Henlifei Crux 8


The first three enemies give 1 White Ore and 1 ore of another type. (Green, Blue, Red, Black)

The next four enemies give 1 White Ore and 2 ores of another type. (Green, Blue, Red, Black)

Leilang Henlifei give 1 Sword, 1 Glasses, 1 Shoes, 1 Cat Doll, 1 Book

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