Vita emblem   Lib. Manager Lotte 300110
300110L English Name: Lib. Manager Lotte
Type: Follower Card
Faction: Vita
Size: 3
Attack: 5
Defense: 0
Stamina: 9
Points: 5
Deck Limit: 3
Episode: 3
Rarity: Common
Effect: Before this card attacks, the defender's skills are removed. If this happens, this skill is removed.

Flavor Text: [Listen, Serie. Someone put those weird books on the book request list, and it was either you or Lindt. I'm going to reject these, alright? That "Glass Library" publisher was weird to begin with. From now on, any cobalt blue books are going to be rejected. If anyone wants to read them, they should buy them with their own money.]
Total Cost:

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