The Lazion Empire is known not only for its vast territory, but its technological superiority. It seemed content with its own territory, but one day, it demanded that all other nations pay it tribute. The Empire could easily conquer its neighbors and take its due by force, so most submitted. However, among the many small countries to the southwest, thoughts of rebellion formed. Two of those countries, the Republic of Vita and the Royal Kingdom, outright refused to pay tribute, and many of the other smaller countries soon followed their lead. These countries formed the Federation, determined to stand against the Empire’s greed together.

Unfortunately, bravery alone is not enough to resist an empire, and it was a lesson quickly learned when weapons were finally drawn. Even the Federation’s strongest magic was nothing when compared to a barrage of bullets. The rebellion would have been utterly crushed if not for a strange event that would change the world forever. As that first battle began, reality was torn as mysterious rifts appeared all over the continent, and monstrous beings poured through them. Everyone had to fend for themselves. Unlike the world’s native monsters, these beings were brutes, and attacked people viciously and indiscriminately.

The Lazion Empire could not both defend against the monster invasion and continue its attempt to bring the Federation to its knees. The Empire pulled its entire military back and closed off its borders in order to fight the monsters in their own lands. Every other territory was thrown into utter chaos. Just as all seemed lost, Jaina, a holy knight from the theocractic country of Crux, used a sword crafted from a mysterious new material and fought back against the monsters. The material, known as talentium, could be used to create swords of excellent quality. However, when the swords were wielded by select females, they also granted immense arcane power. Within months, Jaina and the Crux knights ended the monstrous threat, but the world they once knew would never again return to the way it was.

Ten years have passed, and the Lazion Empire has remained isolated. More importantly, talentium has made its way into everyday life, and girls in every school use talentium swords to channel magical powers.

For one of these Sword Girls, life is about to change…

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