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Vita emblem   Morning Sita 100147
100147L English Name: Morning Sita
Type: Character Card
Faction: Vita
Life: 30
Points: 20
Deck Limit: 1
Episode: 1
Rarity: Event
Level: 1
Effect: At the start of the turn, a random allied Follower gets ATK +1/STA +1. Next, if the enemy Character is an NPC, a secret bonus skill activates.

Flavor Text: [I woke up to bright sunlight. Everything was a blur. Maybe it was the light? I toss and turn under the sun.] [Did you sleep well?] [A familiar voice called out, but there was nothing. Maybe I'm just hearing things.]
Total Cost:

The secret bonus skill is a 0-2 ATK/STA bonus to the same follower who received the first bonus.

This card is no longer craftable.

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