Vita emblem   Night's Beckoning 200077
200077L English Name: Night's Beckoning
Type: Spell Card
Faction: Vita
Size: 1
Points: 13
Deck Limit: 2
Episode: 3
Rarity: Rare
Effect: If you have at least one Vita Follower and at least one non-Vita Follower in your Grave, all enemy Spells are sent to the Grave. If there are no enemy Spells, this card is deactivated instead of being sent to the Grave.

Flavor Text: [Sita, come here... I can't bear this any longer... Be with me... I want to carve everything about me into those golden apples you have for eyes... Sounds delicious... I want to know everything about you, Sita... Give yourself to me.]
Total Cost:

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