Neutral emblem   Office Chief Esprit 100112
Office Chief Esprit English Name: Office Chief Esprit
Type: Character Card
Faction: Neutral
Life: 30
Points: 25
Deck Limit: 1
Episode: EX2
Rarity: Uncommon
Effect: At the start of the turn, one of the following effects is applied depending on the number of skills in your Field: ● 2 or less: A random enemy Follower's skills are removed. ● More than 2: A random allied Follower gets ATK/STA increased by half of the number of skills in your Field (rounding up).

Flavor Text: [1E! 2D! 3A! 4P! 5G!] [I'll chase you to the end of the galaxy! Just try and run! I'll chase you until your very souls sweat and bleed!]

Reward for beating Dream Island 10 times

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