Vita emblem   Shattered Land 200204
Shattered Land English Name: Shattered Land
Type: Spell Card
Faction: Vita
Size: 2
Points: 13
Deck Limit: 2
Season: 1
Episode: EX2
Rarity: Rare
Level: 2
Effect: Two random allied Vita Followers get the following skill: "Before this card is attacked, it gets STA increased by the attacker's ATK, and then this skill is removed."

Flavor Text: [Cinia's sword, when used, would consume part of the wielder's body, but it had the power to turn anything back to an earlier state. However, the full truth was that it would return whatever it hit to nothingness. When Sita realized this, she tried to stop, but it was too late. Everything around her had already been ruined.]

Used in:

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