Crux emblem   The Hazing 200246
The Hazing English Name: The Hazing
Type: Spell Card
Faction: Crux
Size: 2
Points: 7
Deck Limit: 3
Season: 1
Episode: EX2
Rarity: Uncommon
Level: 2
Effect: Two random allied Followers get DEF increased by half of the number of empty Slots in your Hand (rounding up). The first two cards in your Deck with "Luthica" in the name are sent to the first two empty Slots in your Hand.
Flavor Text: [Got a problem?] [Negative!] [Gather all my subordinates and all your superiors. Do you think I'm just playing around when I hit people? Do you think you get a free pass just because you're a sergeant, Pintail? - Witnessed by Esprit]

Used in:

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